For medical workers

Tailored for medical workers, a solution for automatic grading of fundus photos.

Desktop fundus camera AI system

Any fundus camera that can take and save fundus photos can be connected to the Vision Tech desktop fundus camera AI system to form a perfect closed loop of fundus photography, intelligent grading and report printing.

The Vision Tech desktop fundus camera AI system not only empowers the traditional fundus camera in the hospital with AI functions, but also helps medical workers to quickly deploy fundus photography screening, and on-site AI-assisted image graing to achieve point-of-care.

The Vision Tech desktop fundus camera AI system can obtain fundus photos, complete AI intelligent grading, and generate and print AI grading reports within one minute, which greatly improves work efficiency and helps medical workers improve service quality.

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Handheld fundus camera AI system

The handheld fundus camera AI system developed by Vision Tech is dedicated to providing convenient screening and grading solutions for fundus screening projects.

The hand-held fundus camera AI system is equipped with a hand-held fundus camera, which is convenient for medical workers who carry out screening projects to conduct mobile screening in multiple places. It is convenient to carry and operate. The system also has the function of remote data transmission. When medical workers take a photo of a patient's fundus, they can directly upload it to the AI grading cloud server, complete the AI grading in real time, and issue the results for the patient on the spot. The system is helpful for further examination or treatment.

For public use

Self-service ophthalmic AI solutions for patients and the public.

Self-service fundus screening AI system

Vision Tech fundus photography intelligent workstation is the world's first one-stop fully automated intelligent fundus screening platform. It integrates automatic fundus camera, sensor automation system, and voice guidance system to realize unattended fundus photography. Through advanced artificial intelligence Algorithms can distinguish the risk of various eye diseases and systemic diseases.

The product has completed clinical evaluations in cooperation with domestic and foreign universities/medical schools, and proved that it has reached the international advanced level in terms of image processing speed, accuracy, on-site acquisition success rate, and user friendliness. The relevant results have been published in the top international ophthalmology publications.

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VR self-service fundus screening AI system

Vision Tech's VR self-service fundus screening AI system is a wearable eye examination device implemented with the latest technology. Patients can use the VR self-service fundus screening AI system to conduct fundus examinations for themselves or their families anytime, anywhere.

The VR self-service fundus screening AI system implements automatic eye recognition, automatic pupil tracking and complete high-quality fundus photography. After the system obtains the photos, AI intelligent grading is processed in the cloud, and the examination results are issued for the patients in real time. Through the VR self-service fundus screening AI system, patients can achieve the purpose of disease prevention for early detection and early treatment, and escort their health.

For developers

Provide SDK and related development resources for medical device manufacturers and developers.

Vision Tech Cloud Service

Vision Tech Cloud Service provides developers and partners with fundus image grading services based on public cloud, private cloud and hybrid cloud. This service allows developers and partners to easily embed fundus image grading into existing products. The grading function of Vision Tech Cloud Service runs in the cloud, which is especially suitable for use scenarios with limited local computing power such as B/S architecture and thin clients.

Vision Tech Cloud Service provides the following solutions:

  • RESTful API based solutions
  • Solutions based on cloud storage and cloud functions
  • Solutions based on PACS and DICOM protocols


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Vision Tech Development Kit

Vision Tech Development Kit provides developers and partners with programming language-based development kits. Developers and partners can choose the corresponding SDK version according to the programming language, and compile it together with the existing source code into a complete product. The grading function of the Vision Tech Development Kit runs locally, does not require a network connection, and has certain requirements on the computer's processor and memory.

The Vision Tech Development Kit supports the following programming languages:

  • C/C++
  • golang
  • Python
  • Node.js

Supported diseases

Vision Tech's artificial intelligence solution for ophthalmology supports the grading of the following conditions.


The performance evaluation of the AI model is shown below.

* Note: different diseases have different performances, and the values shown here cover the performance range of all supported diseases.